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We are specialising in flexible WordPress websites using different themes to achieve results for our clients.


We are a small family business operating from Richmond, Nelson, New Zealand. We manage Single page, private, personal and small business sites for a wide variety of clients and focus strongly on the maintenance of their privacy unless it is required to form part of their instructed site.


We are always looking for new business and working from home under Covid 19 is a new opportunity. It provides activity for the individual who likes to command their own display to make their own changes and updates as their fancy takes them……..

Website Design Areas


This forms the bulk of your site and is where people will visit to see the delights you have to offer. This where you can include all the detail, pictures and odds and ends that you want the world to see.


We have had some really interesting responses to this heading but would like you to be aware that it is for those specific information items you want to link to other people for explanation,


Hopefully this title is self explanatory. Frequently Asked Questions are where people go when they cannot find the information in your site that they want. In most well built sites it's not required.


This is your heading to do what you like with. It could be just your name or the name of your business, it might include your logo, or a picture, or a search box, the date, or almost anything you want that gives a brief indication of what you're site is about.


As you might guess it includes the wiggly links your site stands on that enables visitors to go straight to a specific item.


Now this represents the hidden areas behind the scenes where you can try things out, usually to see how they look or work.


these are places you can hide things you only want seen occasionally. Like a "Hey it's my Birthday" page, or "I'm having a sale - Yipee"

You can include your name here and tell people something about yourself!!

What your name is :

What social icons reflect you :

Any specifics you want to put :

:Roger Hall

This is where you can add specific information about yourself . 

And your picture :


Now this space is where we can incorporate some text about you to let everyone know who you all are.

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